Degree Show Build Progress – Roof Build.

I also had a helping hand from Dave Fitz-John with putting the roofing on. The original plan here had to be adjusted slightly as the measurements on the designs on paper did not exactly fit the measurements of the actual structure. This meant that when the roofing sheets were fitted, they did not fit exactly and needed extra support which was now provided my a slat system. This now means that the roofing is less likely to bow under its own weight and in some areas, the added weight of the pipes and water system.

Following this, it allowed me to fit in the pipes and measure them up to put in the holes which fit  the original plans. (16cm between each pipe and 6cm in from the wall, this allows the drip to hit the guttering in the correct place so that the slpash does not hit the wall and dribble down and outside.)

When the roof was fitted, it allowed me to create a small trap door so that I can reach inside and fill up the water tank system, without spilling the water around. As you can see from the original drawing plan, the tank system is placed in the middle to centre the water and keep it in one place. The pipes then travel along the sides from this system to their fitted holes, which inside they drip from – acting like a siphon. The tank system consists of four tubs which hold 9.6 litres of water, each has 12 pipes leading to their correct place in the roof – the tank underneath the gutter also holds 9.6 litres of water at full capacity so this means they will never overflow and cause a leak around the exhibition.  Each morning, the bottom tanks will be emptied before the roof tanks are filled up with two bottles provided. I have also meticulously tested this over the weeks leading up to the build to make sure that the right ratio of water pipes per roof tank (with the right diameter hole to the tube) drips consistently enough, to last all though the day without running out too soon or too late. This is what has taken the longest in the preparation weeks leading up to the build; making sure that I am using the most effective and efficient method possible.


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