Degree Show Build Progress, Disappointments.

At this stage of the build, with visible progress being made everyday, I was bringing to feel pleased with the way things were going. This however was incredibly short lived. A tutor who had taken a look inside my work in the morning seemed disappointed with how things were going so far. I was advised to remove the flooring, repaint areas as they looked scruffy and of poor quality. At the time, I was incredibly upset with this being told so straight forwardly that my efforts weren’t good enough and it was reflecting on the aesthetics of my work. It knocked my confidence in it and at such a crucial part of my degree, this was not what I was expecting. After taking a while to process this information in a more rational state of mind, I eventually came to realise that this was a good thing to have happened. The comments made me realise I need to work as hard as I physically and mentally can to achieve the best results possible. I would not be able to forgive myself if I knew that I had been able to work harder.


(Before Flooring was removed)


(After flooring removed – cleaner appearance)

When I was ready to do a full test run for the first time, again I was full of disappointment and for some reason, which I still can’t put my finger on, the strobe light was not reflecting through the rain drops. The whole installation was not working and I couldn’t understand why. I tried adjusting certain things, such as lowering the height of the strobe light so there was less reflection off the roof, but this also was not working. The only way that the drips of water were effectively appeared to be frozen in the strobe was if the viewer was to walk directly into the strobe light. This causes problems when the viewer enters as the strobe light is almost blinding.

After taking a few moments out to think of ways to over come this problem, a few ideas were suggested with blocking the light to keep the viewer’s eyes safe, whist still letting enough light through to reflect off the drips all the way down the corridor. After trying a few ways, I settled on a diffuser made of material. It softens the strobe enough to still be able to see the drips without being blinding, although they are not as visible as I originally planned. This may be a positive outcome as it allows the subtleness of the drops to be enhanced as much as possible, a reflection of the etherial qualities of the drops themselves.

(Trying different light diffusers, the right
is the most efficient)

The positives that have came out of this situation is that it shows how I can adapt and change my installation in order to overcome problems. I realised that I had planned as well as I can in the smaller space in previous weeks, but inevitably there will be problems that I will encounter when building the actual thing that will need to be developed during the build time. This necessarily may not mean it will stick to the original idea, or the image in my mind, but will be what the piece needs to be as successful as possible.


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