Degree Show Build Progress, developments.

So far I have been finding this week quite stressful as it was different to plan for such a vast task when I have never worked on something of such scale before. What I am finding most difficult is dealing with the pressure that I put on myself for perfection at this point. Rather than using this as a thing to spur me on and work hard, it has started to make me quite angry when things are going wrong and hesitant at the decisions I am trying to make throughout the week. I feel worried that if I will make the wrong decisions I will be letting myself down. I know this is the wrong way to approach this, and I am trying to approach this is a more positive light, mainly to enjoy the last and most important days of my time at Cardiff School of Art.

The first issue that I have come across this week is the lack of help from the students that were assigned to help me throughout the build. Of course, I was not expecting them to take much time out of their day but I did expect to see them when I asked for them to come in and help. This has meant that I have been pushed for time throughout the whole week. Jobs that could have been done faster, took much, much more time than they should have done. Simple tasks like painting took days, rather than the small amount of time that it did. Luckily a few kind people were willing to take time out of their day to help me with some of the smaller tasks, which I am incredibly grateful for.

After the paint was applied, I was then able to bring in and fit the gutters and the gutter drip blockers into the centre. I was delighted that they fit and measured up correctly, and breathed a sigh of relief when I had finally made some real progress on the construction.



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