‘Corridor’ Full Test Runs – The Finished Piece.

I worked late into the night before the dead line to clean up the appearance of the installation. I repainted many walls and blocked out any light leaks that I could find in order to keep the appearance as minimal as possible so that all of the viewers attention will be on the drops of the water as they walk towards the strobe light.

Here are two videos of a full test run that took place on the day of the deadline. I was proud of myself for getting such a massive installation done on time, however it may mot be as clean cut as I hoped. after such confusion of feelings over something that has meant so much to me, I was not pleased with it at all when 4pm came around. However, after taking some time away from the piece, I realise now that I may have been a bit too ambitious with my hopes and the image in my mind. I do not have a big budget, I do not have a large team of helpers dedicated to my work, I do not have a large space to do something of such a vast scale; but I am proud of what I have achieved with the money, the strength and the time that I have had. I have pushed myself to my limits, and I now see what I can achieve with so little, I can only dream of what I could achieve with so much more.


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