Final Tutorial with André Stitt -Title and Statement

Today was my last tutorial and Im so pleased that it has been helpful. I was concerned that it may have been too overwhelming for the last minuet before deadlines. I signed up for a chat with André Stitt, as I have came to really appreciate his work and value the words that he has to say. The next chance that we have to talk will be during my assessment. Because of this, previously I did think ten minuets was enough time to talk about my work and have enough of a chance to explain it well enough; so I took the opportunity to have a discussion with him about it.

As I have been pondering upon a coherent description of my work and the ability to explain my piece, André suggested that I work upon my statement to help me get a better understanding of what it is that I am doing. I realised that my work is a conjunction of contradictions – beauty and science; of philosophy and logic; confirmation of the sense of self and disruption of the sense of self.

What I need to do is simplify all the research that I have done into the most important, most relevant thing. How can my statement show this in the most efficient way? I could use it to direct the conditions for an experiment for the environment that I am presenting. If it is for the viewer to take away any experience, then it is an experiment  in which there could be two outcomes. Wether they feel that it confirms their sense of self or weather that it disrupts it. I cannot force an outcome, or predict how it will make someone feel, but I can use my statement to clarify this to a viewer.

Keeping it simple we identified 3 key ideas :

Simple Structure
Simple Idea
Simple Statement

By using the simple title ‘Corridor’, it stops the viewer coming to any conclusions about what is inside before they enter. This keeps a completely level opinion for the viewer as they enter without adding any previous connotations to what it inside which could affect the way a viewer would feel.

As for my statement, I feel that the simpler it is, the better also. There is no possible way I could mention all the important factors into the short paragraph. I have chosen to pick two of the main points that also contradict each others meaning; reflecting the two possible outcomes of the reactions of a viewer. The Haiku and the philosophical quote will cover both factors effectively.

As I talked about Zen and mindfulness and its relationship to the  being present in the moment, this translates to what I wish  my participant to experience – the moment of the drip – time standing still caught in the light of the strobe. To mirror this in my quote, I have chosen to use the Haiku to represent this as it is short and sharp. I hope this represents the drips, the flash of light and the freeze of the moment within the installation.

‘ corridor enter
strobe drip freeze
body exit’

This also suggests a list of instructions to the viewer before they enter. There is nothing to describe the inside, only a list in the  simplest form.

For the quote I was hoping to use the following:

“Sweet is the lore which Nature brings; Our meddling intellect

Misshapes the beauteous forms of things: – We murder to dissect”

William Wordsworth, ‘ The Tables Turned,’ 1798

This chosen quote could allude to a perceptual, phenomenological or philosophic idea .

This quote I hope represents the beauty and the poetic nature of our reality and our life. Our human need for creativity, located back to prehistoric times, is so important to what has become of our consciousness today. The words themselves show how the last surviving mystery of consciousness reflects out human nature to kill and discover.  We feel utterly baffled by the concept, by the need to discover what it is that happens, that we will murder what it is to learn.

Science does not answer all our questions, but neither does philosophy; we can only discover ourselves and our mind through our experiences. I hope that what I present as my final piece offers an experience to a viewer through a moment of pause resulting in a  reflection of their own consciousness. I hope that my installation offers a platform to either ‘destablise’ or ‘stabilise’ a viewer whilst they feel experience  the environment built upon philosophical theories.



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