Corridor Research in Bristol

During my artist space research in Bristol, I had a short amount of time spare to visit the Arnolfini Gallery. The piece that had been on display was John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea. It was a beautifully displayed video installation focusing on  “the greed, horror and cruelty of the whaling industry, evoking memories of the slave trade, whilst juxtaposing sequences of African migrants making a terrifying and dangerous journey across the ocean in search of a ‘better life’.” Whilst  the natural beauty of the ocean was captured in sublime videos projected to an audience in a dark space, I was interested mostly in the corridor that took them through their journey there. I was interested in seeing how the corridor can be presented neatly and professionally, and ideally without the use of a curtain to block out the light and if it would be possible for me to recreate this in my work. It will take, clean and clear cut corners, floors and ceilings. I think by seeing how it can be done will make it easier to physically do it myself. It has made it clear about what I need to focus on for it to look professional.



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