Final Structure Design

In discussion with the tutors today about my ideas for my design, all decisions on the structure has been finalised. My original plan of having a space to enter, then have an 8foot walk to the start of the installation gives the viewer enough time to feel more comfortable when entering the installation, as their pupils will have had enough time to dilate in preparation for the darkness. Rather than having a sudden shock of a flashing strobe, along with feeling the sudden dilation of the pupils resulting in something that is slightly less stress inducing than before. This transition allows the viewer to be inquisitive about what is around the corner. Their curiosity should draw people through the entrance door and into the immersive installation.


This plan has had to be slightly altered. Instead of having the 8 foot panels for the entrance at an angle for visitors to walk through, they will be attached and a specifically measured door frame will be made (the panel will be cut down to size).

I am hoping that the most frustrating part of this project may now be over. It has been incredibly difficult to stay calm and patient in parts of this process as I am relying upon other circumstances to come together themselves. For instance, my strength as a person has been an issue. Physically I am not able to move the walls on my own, even when they eventually become available. Because of reasons like this, depending on others has been difficult, especially as they have their own work to complete, and shouldn’t have to be worrying about mine also.   Whilst waiting on the decisions to be finalised, I have done as much work as I physically can to be able to prepare for the build of my final piece, when the studio has been cleared. As the decisions become more and more finalised, I am beginning to feel calmer and ready for the big build to begin.


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