Thoughts About the Added Entrance Room.

It is possible to see from these photos above that I have added an entrance on to the maquette of the corridor.It is also possible to see where I have added black antinox to the outside. This would be to black out the light coming into the corridor when it is fully erected. As on the photos, it is possible to see that I have experimented with ways in which  to make the entrance room look as if it is not stuck on, to make it look like it flows into the corridor smoothly. By experimenting with black paint on the white wall, I hoped that it would make it look cleaner and more professional. I also experimented with using the antinox plastic along the outside of the white wall also. In reflection of this, I feel like they do not look clean and professional at all. I think that it is beginning to cheapen the aesthetic of the corridor, a little bit shabby. It maybe beginning to become a bit too theatrical,  similar to the problems that I was having before.  I am hoping that the experience of the inside will be far away from the experience of the outside, and therefore by having the walls black on the outside, the same as the inside, is not really appropriate. By having the walls on the outside white, the same as all of the other partitioning walls around the degree show, this will keep the experience of the inside completely un-guessable until fully immersed into the installation. Followed by transporting the viewer away from any real life situations when entering the corridor.

Over the next few days I will be thinking and researching into ways that can most efficiently and effectively transport the viewer from one place to another, consequently leading them through my installation with a phenomenological experience.



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