Replacing The Gutter System to a Water Tank System.


In my last session in the studio, I tried and tested a gutter drip system in order to make the inside of the corridor slightly tidier. When testing this system, it seemed to work effectively for about 10 minutes. This would not be acceptable when exhibiting this piece. It was also a lot more difficult to fill up and start. I have concluded this is not going to work at all for the finished piece and have decided to scrap this idea and return to a basic replica of the bucket system.

Instead of using the bucket system, I have replaced it with tanks that seem to be a bit more movable. This will be useful when refilling them at the beginning of the day. I have also drilled into the lid, where the tubes have become supported and fully fixed to the inside ,preventing them to slide around as they did in the bucket.

What I need to do next is time how long it takes for one tub to last, making sure that it will drip steadily for a full day. (10am-4pm)

I have worked out that 6 tubes per 4 foot is enough for one side of one wall to drip, so I need to know that this will last the whole day and needs to be timed effectively so that I can work out exactly how many tanks will be needed for both of the walls, how many tubes inside to last for a whole day.



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