Gutter Drip System.

I have been looking into ways in which I can make the corridor appear a little more tidy than it does. In theory, it seems that if I was to try and use the guttering system in the same way that I have used the bucket water system, it should drip effectively and look a little more tidier than before. I have tested it using the gutters attached at a hight, and still using another gutter attached to the wall below, to catch the falling drips and carry them to a storage system.

When testing this system, it seemed to work effectively for about 10 minutes. This would not be acceptable when exhibiting this piece. It was also a lot more difficult to fill up and start. I have concluded this is not going to work at all for the finished piece and have decided to scrap this idea and return to the bucket system, but placed further on top of the box in an attempt to hide it from the viewer.


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