More Experiments with Smoke and Strobe.

I have been using a smoke machine as an intermission from the strobe. This should help with creating a more neutral environment that is slightly less intense and carries less negative connotations. Within the last experiments I thought that they were not  too successful yet. I may need to work out if it is possible to have the smoke machine on a timer so I can control when it appears. However, I don’t feel technically capable to do this. I  used this experiment to make the decision on whether to continue with this part of the installation.


After the experiment, I have made the decision to leave the smoke machine out of the installation. I also am quite surprised at how the photos turned out, and quite impressed with them. I think this is more effective than the installation itself. The capture of the moment in the photo itself, reflects the concept without it being an installation more effectively than the capture of the moment with the strobe. The movement of the smoke is also more realised and can be pondered upon  by the viewer in the photos more than within the installation too. The photos provide a focus on the subtle materiality of the image. However, this is not necessary  for the installation so have chosen to remove it from my final piece of work.


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