Experiments in a Corridor

After a short tutorial with Mark Gubb recently, it was suggested that I try this work within a corridor. This suggests a new way in which I should be able to  influence people to stay and take in the work for a longer period of time, (rather than seeing it and then instantly backing away if they were to find it disturbing.) The idea of creating a corridor or a walk way for people to use as a passage through,  rather than a box that you just stand inside, or peek inside as some people have in my previous work.

I have recently found a corridor space in which I can place the water tank and piping system on top of and have tested it out with the strobe light. Unfortunately I have not been able to paint this space black, (as it would be if I was to use it in my final piece) but it has given me a clearer idea of how this space would work. Thankfully, I have found this to be far more successful than the box shape! As I  have drilled down one side of the box for the piping system, it has created an illusion of a wall of water down the side of the corridor. This will allow viewers to walk inside and through the box without getting wet, but viewing the water closely. I was so pleased about this, being the uplift I needed after the difficult week in the studio. As you can also see from the pictures above, I have also decided to use a guttering system to catch the drips and carry them to a water collection point that can be emptied at the end of each day.

The results of this experiments now tell me that I need to try this properly with the studio walls. This means that I need to find the right help, – claiming the walls for the degree show and finding a suitable space that is big enough to hold this installation and also having the help I need to be able to move them around and actually put this up. Due to its size, this has become extremely difficult; but this experiment has made me feel more positive about what it is I am trying to achieve. I am begging to believe in my own work again and this is the best thing that could have happened today, especially following positive feedback from people that I asked to experience my experiment today.


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