Gin And Draw

I have been recently set the challenge of running a workshop with new materials provided by Cass Art within my university. The event went well although I was amidst a last minuet nerves the night before the workshop, as I had never done anything like it before and am not generally the best public speaker. It was good for me to be able to find the skills I needed to be able to run a small workshop for my future plans, any experience within this is incredibly valuable.

I decided to run a Gin and Draw workshop that would also raise some money for our degree show. Although we didn’t raise too much money,  any is always better than nothing. There was about fifteen people involved, some people just came for a drink but most people got got involved with materials. It was based upon Grayson Perry’s’ Map of Days’, after being inspired by a recent trip to Bristol. This images was projected while the workshop was running; I then asked people to draw a ‘portrait’ of themselves within the city of Cardiff, based on their memories or feelings, as we are drawing a close to our university life. It turned out to be an interesting collaboration piece, especially as the gin began to take over. There was some great feedback on the materials, particularly the inktense blocks, were lovely to use and seemed to be a favourite for all, also the aqua-markers we’re used a lot too. (We didn’t actually realise they were water soluble until near the end of the session, and then they seemed even better!)  However, we did use the bigger Fabriano paper so that more people could work at one time rather than the smaller paper provided.

It was a really nice evening for people to get together and talk about some of our memories within this city. It was also good to get away from the stresses of our own personal work for a while. Overall, running a workshop is something that I found difficult, this was mostly because of lack of experience, over time I feel this would get easier as I would have a better idea of what to expect. It was a great experience that I can potentially use within my professional career. I feel I could defiantly run something like this again.


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