Up to Date Statement.


Based on the study of consciousness; the mind, illusion and reality, I aim to create a sensorial space that the viewer becomes an integral part of as it wouldn’t exist without their participation and their resulting experience. As you catch yourself in the light along with the immobilized water, your presence is suddenly fixated in that moment. It is focused  upon the building blocks of life -Fire (smoke) light and water. Each is a force of nature that has the potential to cause great change, growth and destruction, but within this installation, this potential has been harnessed. The purpose of the installation is to enable liberation of the constraints of our own minds through exploring different realms of experience. I aim to challenge the viewer’s perception of their own reality caused by a first person experience provoked through a response to the environment. Through exploring fragmentation, (Lacan), Illusions (Descartes) and overlapping of the self-image (Merleau-Ponty),  the foundations of phenomenological installation art; I will question whether these conditions allow for the breaking of the barrier between art and life and the experience? Is it really possibly to disrupt a viewer’s perception of reality. You, as a viewer, are subject to the experiment that attempts to disrupt your perception of self as a secure being within your reality. The success of the work is within its ability to be ‘destabilised’ whilst feeling ‘stable’ within an unfamiliar environment that is built on philosophical theories. In an attempt to display our true ‘reality’ as a decentred and fragmented being, I aim to attempt to exhibit this by immersing the viewer into a space parallel to the ‘real world’.


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